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Here’s a few articles I might get around to reading before 2013. As usual, I’m thinking about focus and attention, and naturally, forward to another year ahead.

Winter sun at the O'Reilly campus
Winter sun at O’Reilly’s campus in California

Attention and productivity

"Practices like these have been coined ‘declaring bankruptcy’ by the digital lifestyle blogs, but I think the phrase misrepresents the practice. Cleaning the digital slate is not a practice of giving up. It is one of self-forgiveness."
Digital Jubilee

"Recently I’ve read a few new articles about scaling back from Twitter and RSS. This is a common theme, especially amongst the group of bloggers I follow. And I’m glad that it’s a common theme because things like scaling back, clarifying our goals, identifying distractions, and the like are all moving targets."
Inbox Intentions

"The company that is ‘distributed’ means that it’s scattered across different locations, and everyone works wherever they are. As someone who’s pretty much always had a normal desk job, the transition was pretty rough on me. It’s now been almost three months, and this new gig has completely changed the way I work, and for the better
What It’s Like To Work, Future-Style

And a couple more pieces on distraction, switching off: 7 ways to change your relationship to distractions, Put The Gadgets Down: Finding Time To Leave Technology Behind.

On the future

"Taleb asserts that the present has changed little from the past; that ‘futurists always get it wrong’, and that if we wish to envision the future we should subtract from the present things which do not belong. I believe the present is so different from the past that it would be shocking to humans from even a few centuries ago. Technology is culture, and our immersion in culture makes it quite difficult to understand just how unusual we are.”
The present will not be recognizable 

"It may be hard to believe, but before the end of this century, 70 percent of today’s occupations will likewise be replaced by automation. Yes, dear reader, even you will have your job taken away by machines. In other words, robot replacement is just a matter of time."
Better Than Human 

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